Argus farm stop:

the westside's corner store


Farmer’s Markets are town gems. Fresh produce at your fingertips from growers practically in your own backyard. Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown market brings vibrancy to Saturday mornings by drawing the masses to the downtown shops and vendors. Stroll onto the cobblestone streets and suddenly you aren’t a solo traveler…you are part of a vegetable hungry community.

In the warmer months it’s easy to wake with the sun and fill our reusable grocery bags with organic goods. We may even jog to the market. It’s summer and we’re about to eat healthy food, why not kick it up a notch with some hustle? Michigan summers remind us why we live here. Of course, like all things, they don’t last forever.

In comes old man winter and we begin to cocoon within our four walls. We rise to go to work, then maybe venture out once or twice throughout the week for special events, but rarely after 6:00pm because it’s dark and we’ve worked all day. We could assume that the farmer’s markets have also closed their doors from the wintry winds and snow, but we would be wrong.

Nestled on the corner of Liberty and 2nd Street in Ann Arbor’s west side sits Argus Farm Stop. It’s cozy and whimsical enough to be highlighted in a Gilmore Girl’s episode, and it makes me as happy as a bold cup of coffee on a dreary day. Speaking of coffee, they’ve got it. And good coffee. The kind that reaches your nose the moment you open the door. For your sweet tooth they have an abundance of baked goods. I once tried a vegan chocolate cookie - for reasons of curiosity more than anything because I’m too weak to be vegan - and it knocked my socks off. I bought another for the walk home.

In the last year they've added a closed in glass room for guests to sit year round. It’s enchanting. Lights dangle from the ceilings, making you feel like you stepped into a secret garden within one of Ann Arbor’s oldest neighborhoods. On the right nights they’ll even light a campfire outside. Born and raised in Michigan, the smell transports me to chilly nights up north spent eating s’mores while wearing old high school sweaters saturated with smoke.

About a week ago I enjoyed a Saturday without an agenda. I walked down to Argus with a book in hand and decided to catch up on reading with a biscotti and java. I’m admittedly nosey, and tuned in to various conversations around me. Within an hour I overheard a couple discussing their musical inspirations, girls rehashing relationship woes, and a child giving a soliloquy while his attentive stuffed animals lay near.Sigh. What a way to start the day.

The best part is I was able to grab some apples and a loaf of bread for the road, all of which were from farmer’s local to Ann Arbor. The place is more than just good food and drinks, it’s an establishment that promotes community. I will state that it’s not the cheapest. Your coffee will be twice as much as McDonald’s and your kale may cost a pretty penny. My advice to you is to look for the produce in season, which tends to be cheaper. Perhaps I spend too much money on food, I’ll admit it, but I’ve learned to adjust my expenses in other ways. I’ve fallen in love with the atmosphere of Argus Farm Stop, and hope they won’t get sick of me any time soon.