Movers and shakers

These people make the city go round. Their hard work, creativity, and dedication are the pulse of Ann Arbor, and we are fortunate to have them. Say hello next time you step into their shop or see their work. Read on to learn more about what makes them tick.


Zumba with Sheila/Belly Dance with Leilah:

Shake and shimmy your stress away

826 Michigan:

A Robot Shop with a Secret Inside

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Amanda Uhle, Executive Director of 826 Michigan

Amanda Uhle, Executive Director of 826 Michigan


Long gone are the days of high school Proms and bar hopping. Now, to get my dance fix and release some good endorphins I resort to shaking my rump while cooking dinner or folding laundry. Aside from the seasonal wedding, I lack the opportunity to feel the music with reckless abandon…until Sheila entered my life.

Googling for a new form of exercise during the frosty Ann Arbor winters, the search engine led me to Zumba with Sheila. I was intrigued, and the affordable price caught my attention. In the era of 22 dollars for an hour to lift-tone-burn, finding a class that doesn’t break the bank was welcomed.



For the most heart-warming, inspiring, and creative experience to ever have within the city limits of Ann Arbor, I suggest you volunteer with 826 Michigan.

The Robot Shop first entered my radar while enjoying Midnight Madness on Main Street. The event is an Ann Arbor winter tradition when downtown shops bring their best holiday cheer. In doing so, glitzy red and green lights, painted storefronts, and classic Christmas music fill the air. One can only imagine the amount of visual and audio stimulation that goes on, but when my ears directed me to a group of humans and ugly sweater-wearing robots singing carols, I knew I found something extraordinary.