Huron Parkway bridge

Urbann Arbor_Huron Bridge View.jpg

In my pursuit to reduce my carbon-foot print, save a couple dollars, and burn off energy, last year I started commuting to work by bicycle. In all honesty, striving to achieve these lofty and honorable goals was initially not of my own choosing. My place of employment decided to undergo a massive parking lot renovation, leaving me without a space for my vehicle.

Consequently, I was left with two options: be shuttled in from a parking lot over a mile away (and in the opposite direction from my home’s starting point), or find alternative transportation. I chose the latter, and it was the best decision I could have made. The benefits are many, not only do I now have calf muscles, but since I work at the crack of dawn I was able to experience the city coming alive and the sun rise to greet it.

I’ve written about Gallup Park in “Arbor Adventures,” but now I want to you to look up. The bridge that supports Huron Parkway as it crosses over the glistening lake is equally worth your time. I recommend planning your ride at sunrise. I was forced to do this in order to keep my job, but now even on my off days I set my alarm to take in the sights. Now, I’m not advocating this by any means, but it also reminds me of my high school years when we’d stay out all night and catch the same view before crashing and sleeping until noon. However you choose to see it, just be sure you do.

For the best view take note to cross on the eastern side of the bridge, in the direction of the traffic going south to north. There is a pedestrian walkway to keep you safe, and plenty of space to park your ride for a couple minutes. When you’re done, follow the winding sidewalk to the river’s edge to enter Gallup Park. Feed the ducks, trek the trail….enjoy.