Parking lot sunset views

end the day on a high note


Southeastern Michigan is not known for scenic mountain views. Aside from a few mini-hills it's essentially flat as a pancake, but if you wait until the sun starts to set you'll catch a real show just as good as any old snowcapped rock. 

Michigan sunsets are, in my opinion, beyond compare. I once tried to figure out why this was, which took me on a spiraling adventure down the internet rabbit hole until I stumbled upon this article by Mark Torregrossa. It felt nice to be validated and know that it is not only me who feels this way.

To satisfy your romantic need to watch the sun retire in a blaze of glory and ignite a kaleidoscope of warm hues across the sky, you only need to find the top floor of your nearest downtown parking structure. Ann Arbor has a few tall buildings, but most are residential and therefore unaccessible to the public. Parking structures, however, are a free-for-all if you choose to walk (or go on Sundays). My recommendation: grab a cold beverage, a warm blanket, and a loved one, and prepare for a stellar show only found in Michigan. 

After a few tree-blocking attempts, I have narrowed my favorites to three:

  - Liberty Square Structure

  - Fourth and William Structure

  - Ann Ashley Structure 




How to get there....


Liberty Square Structure

Ann Ashley Structure

Fourth and William Structure