The Lunch Room Bakery & cafe:

it all started with the muffin


I first fell in love with The Lunchroom Bakery & Cafe in a moment of weakness. I was in need of another highly-caffeinated cup of coffee to get me through the afternoon, and the bakery is conveniently located near my office. Even in the bitter cold months, I need to only suck it up for 5 minutes, clench my coat to shield the cold, and scurry across the street then down the hill to reach the entry door. On this particular day I wanted soup, but when I saw the plump blueberry muffin displayed on an antique teacup saucer my intentions changed. Pointing at the dessert, while placing my ordered I slyly added, “And one of those, too.”

After devouring the soup I opened the box that held the piece de resistance. The sugar-specks on top glistened under my office’s incandescent lighting. One bite and it proved to be as good as it looked, filling yet fluffy. I returned many times after that to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and every time has proven to be as good, if not better, than the first.

That’s where it all began, but it didn’t end there. Soon I branched out and ordered lunch options. The Chuna Lumberjack Salad is a rainbow of color from all of the fresh vegetables. The carrots are finely shaved and mixed with daikon radish giving each bite a nice, crunchy texture, and the Asian-citrus dressing adds a tang. The heart of the dish is a chickpea concoction that mimics tuna, but I believe is notable as it’s own original salad addition. I’m a believer that vegetable-based dishes should not have to be compared to meat-options. Though I often crave a perfectly prepared medium-rare steak (or sushi, BBQ ribs, pulled pork, etc) I’m also a lover of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruits.

This point leads me to the one central aspect of the baker I’ve tip-toe’d around: it’s entirely vegan. Yupp, even the decadent, sweet-tooth-satisfying baked goods. Not an pat of butter used. If I hadn’t have told you, you may never have known, but would it have detoured you if it did? There are incredibly health benefits to vegan-style meals, and if taste is king, there is no need to worry about leaving the dining experience unsatisfied. Vegan dining has traveled leaps and bounds from nose-plugging wheatgrass shots.

Alright, I’ve given my plea, now you have to try it for yourself. It may start with a muffin, but I’ll bet you a slow-cooked brisket it doesn’t end there.