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Urban Finds

Our downtown may be meek compared to the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, but Ann Arbor's city feel is alive and well. Explore the hidden gems throughout the concrete jungle, and discover why Ann Arbor still remains a sought out destination for vagabonds and wanderlusters nationwide. If lucky, you may even spot a violin playing werewolf.

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Parking Lot Sunset Views

Southeastern Michigan is not known for scenic mountain views. Aside from a few mini-hills it's essentially flat as a pancake, but if you wait until the sun starts to set you'll catch a real show just as good as any old snowcapped rock. 

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Huron Parkway Bridge

In my pursuit to reduce my carbon-foot print, save a couple dollars, and burn off energy, last year I started commuting to work by bicycle. In all honesty, striving to achieve these lofty and honorable goals was initially not of my own choosing.  My place of employment decided to undergo a massive parking lot renovation, leaving me without a space for my vehicle.

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Little Free Library

As a ferocious reader, finding a free book is the near-equivalent to finding a pot of gold, so when I moved to Ann Arbor and discovered Little Free Libraries scattered around town I felt as if the luck of the Irish shined upon me.